How do I begin?

Here is an overview of how the Forensic Mortgage Audits (FMA) program works:

1. FMA will conduct a Forensic Loan Audit which scrutinizes the mortgage documents you received upon the closing of your loans(s) and look for TILA, RESPA and HOEPA violations by your lender. Once you receive your Audit, you will know what violations, if any, were committed in the handling of your loan. (statistically, nearly every loan has at least some violations) You can then decide if you should proceed to seek a remedy. If you do proceed,

2. You will either be referred to our partners who specialize in Loan Modifications using our audits as leverage or you will be referred to attorneys we work with who can immediately file a Federal lawsuit on your behalf.

3. Armed with our audit indicating the lender’s violations, the Loan Modification firm will negotiate with your lender for a reduced payment and even possibly a reduction of your principal balance.  Or, the Attorney will reach a settlement agreement with your lender using our audit to support your claim.  If the claim continues into trial our audit will demonstrate to a judge and jury how the lender willfully failed to comply with the law.

How do I contact FMA?

FMA can be reached at (916) 436-1247 or email to


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