How can an audit stop a foreclosure?

If you are in foreclosure, the proper litigation can stop the foreclosure process immediately.   A loan audit disclosing violations will stop a foreclosure in its tracks.

The law gives a borrower a limited amount of time to act. If you wait, you may not be able to take action later.

What is a forensic mortgage audit?

A Forensic Mortgage Audit is the comprehensive review of all loan documentation including legal documents, transactional data, and other evidence pertaining to your real estate loan that has been funded. A forensic mortgage audit identifies any illegalities performed by the lender, their broker, or other parties in conjunction with the mortgage. During the audit process, skilled professionals review all documents received from your lender from the date you applied to the date you funded your loan including any envelopes, faxes and emails to ensure that your loan meets all legal requirements that were in effect at the time the loan was funded.

How do I contact FMA?

FMA can be reached at (916) 436-1247 or email to

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